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What you get

As a certified small business, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that enable each of our customers to achieve mission objectives and a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

We provide software development, consulting and training within our three areas of focus.

Software Services

Our clients often have business requirements that simply can not be met with off the shelf software. Bleteck’s team of senior application developers employ a unique blend of technical application development expertise with the unusual ability to understand and solve business problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand business related challenges, translate those business challenges into requirements, then apply the best technology to solve those problems. From custom built web applications, to complex system and data integrations, to mobile and cloud based development, Bleteck can help implement the solutions right for your organization.

Hosting Solutions

We are true believers in cloud computing, and so we have worked hard in the past few years to become experts in every nook and cranny of cloud computing platform such as AWS and Azure to name a few. Our expertise includes architecting and designing applications for cloud computing infrastructure, adapting and migrating existing applications, automating deployment and building hybrid solutions involving both on-premises components and cloud platform.

Content Management

When it comes to web site development, the Orchard CMS is our framework of choice. We have worked with Orchard for almost four years and have built a wide array of web sites, large and small, using it. We have two developers who participate actively in the development of Orchard and who have commit rights in the official Orchard source code repository. One of them is even on the Orchard steering committee, so it’s fair to say we have our ears to the ground when it comes to what’s happening in the Orchard community.